Tuesday, November 1, 2011

30 in 30



a. Put together a list of 30 things you want to accomplish in the 30 days November contains.

b. Do the 30 things in no particular order.

Simple enough, no?

Here is my list:

1. Keep a food journal every day.

2. Set up the home office.

3. Pay for the person behind me at Starbucks.

4. Get a personal training membership.

5. Clean out clothes and donate.

6. Christmas card pictures/order cards.

7. Make cookies for neighbors.

8. Wear a different outfit every single day.

9. Pick a book of the Bible and deep study it.

10. See 3 new movies.

11. Draw up detailed plans for our 2 holiday parties.

12. No carbonated beverages.

13. Scan/upload/sort all pictures to my computer.

14. Start a savings account for Haiti missions trip in July 2012.

15. Compose detailed Christmas list and start(and finish?) shopping.

16. Make a meal for someone else.

17. Send out 2 cards per week in the mail.

18. Try 3 new foods.

19. Create/order new business cards.

20. Yoga or Pilates class once a week.

21. Take sewing machine to be fixed.

22. Purchase new duvet cover.

23. Go see an IMAX movie.

24. Tour the Brooks Art Gallery.

25. Research new cameras.

26. Start non-profit outreach for work.

27. Start my 2012 resolution list.

28. Get a massage.

29. Spin class once a week.

30. Drastic hair change.

I'll update as I've completed different ones!

I'm excited!

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